Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's been a while-

I think I just plum forgot about the family blogspot for a while. It's that old time saying, "no news is good news." The same is true for us. Not a lot changing except the usual day to day productions.

Cooper is in his 2nd year of preschool and loving every bit of this exposure to people, new things and activities. He started soccer this fall and takes swimming lessons twice a week as well.

Chase is almost 2 1/2 and continues to mimick his older brother... literally, monkey see monkey do!

I'm still at Beaches working what was meant to be part time :) But all in all things are where they should be.

Ryan is plugging along with his gig day in and day out. So ultimately we have nothing to report.

Happy Holidays and a safe New Year! Enjoy some updated pics.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ice cream makes EVERYTHING better!

WHAM! And down he went! Cooper & Chase were playing outside (and as nimble as he is) Chase fell off the deck and onto the pavement. The pictures don't quite illustrate the massive goose egg on his upper right eye... but man oh man! What a black and blue scrape... YIKES! Turns out, nothing a nice fudge ice cream bar can't fix up just right!
Cooper continues to be obsessed with the garbage/recycle man and bins. He's even made friends with our garbage man so that when they come around they honk at him and even let him come down to the curb and see them smash up the garbage... ah to be satisfied with such simple things! Wouldn't that be nice?

Ryan continues to plug along at his responsibilities with the business, but dreams of his 'food van'... don't ask!

I'm keeping plenty busy with work and family things. I'm sure any 'free' time I have will soon go the way of the dodo as Cooper starts swimming lessons in the spring and soccer in the summer. Should be exciting!
Just wanted to drop a line and let you know we're keeping our heads above water and doing just fine... with the help of some ice cream that is :)
Hope this finds you well!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas card edition- 2009

Another year has come and gone... the saying is true: Time flies! This year has been crazy and calm all in the same breath.

Ryan is doing well with his independent financial consulting firm, keeping busy enough for his wants. He had the opportunity recently to restructure his responsibilities and now only works Monday thru Thursday. Needless to say he is LOVING having a 3 day weekend every single week. I really enjoy having him around more as well, and the kids are already used to it like it's always been that way.

I decided to go back to Beaches this last month. What a blessing that I could call and get my job back. I'm happy to have an outlet and some adult conversation again. I was starved for some different demands for sure. And hey, the extra money isn't bad either :).

Cooper started preschool this year and while it was a rough start, he is in full swing of things. He has learned almost all the alphabet, he counts up to 20 and knows all his colors and shapes. He loves his teacher Mrs. Laura so much. I got very lucky to get into such a great preschool here in town. He also does a once weekly 'athletic' class that he calls 'football'. Really, it's just dodgeball and red rover and other physical activities he can do with his peers to get the wiggles out. It also helps develop his gross motor skills and social interaction with others. It's weird how 2 1/2 hours seems way too short, but if it were just an extra 1/2 hour, it would make all the difference in the world... hmmm...what do you do though eh?

Chase is doing wonderfully. He is growing right on target; and while he seems sawed off at the middle, I just think he's growing more in the torso for now... hopefully his legs will catch up. Until then, it does make for some humorous scampering across the kitchen floor with his squatty little stride.

Christmas is sure to be a hit with Cooper this season. So far he has really been able to learn about Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus and it's been so cute to watch him grown and learn in the things that really are the most important! Chase may not quite catch on to it all just yet, oh but he will! We plan to leave cookies and milk for Santa and oats and grass for his reindeer... maybe that'll make Cooper be extra quiet and go to bed right away for fear that Santa will have to pass him up ... doubtful!

All in all, we have nothing but happiness and good tidings to pass on. We're blessed and are thankful for the friends and family we get to count in our lives. Hopefully, you have a wonderful holiday season and may it bleed into the new year and make for a wonderful year to come for you and yours. All our love!


Friday, November 13, 2009

The Naked Cowboy-

Ever heard of "The Naked Cowboy"... the one who roams around New York in his tightie whities, boots and cowboy hat? Well, I've never been there... but who needs New York? I've got my own Naked Cowboy right here in Vancouver... and mines better lookin'! :)

Halloween 2009

This year, Cooper was "Patch" from 101 Dalmatians... atleast that's what I was going for. Chase was a mischievious lil' monkey; cuz that's what he is. And yes, there is makeup on Chases face, everyone thinks I gave him a big ol' smooch and it was just transfered shmeg... but no, he's got his own muddied mug!
I dressed up as a logger- for all you Belfair folk, this was a true tribute eh?
Anyway, wanted to post the festivities... hope this finds you doing well.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Carving out a lil' Kitty-

While I can't hold a candle to Erika and Andrew (although I suspect the use of stencils...CHEATING :)~ Here is the pumpkin I carved tonight with the boys. I tried taking a picture without the flash so that you could see it lit up, as it looks the best that way, but I couldn't figure out how to turn the flash off on my camera. Probably better that way, cuz then I'd never figure out how to turn it back on ;)
Chase liked watching me gut it, but then the carving was far too mundane and he was off playing with much more exciting things like sharp carving knives...true story. Cooper gutted his own lil' version, but alas was only allowed to use markers. It's a bit soon to give him free reign with a sharp utensil.

I asked Cooper if he wanted me to make him a cat and he said yes, so that's what we've got here. Our very own Halloween cat! Happy haunting everyone!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A visit to the 'soggy' pumpkin patch-2009 edition

Not that anyone could be surprised... but we were rained out! We still got in the good stuff, but it started to pour buckets after about 10 minutes of our visit to Joe's Farms to pick out pumpkins. We were able to make our selections and get them into the wheel barrow... but once we weighed them and went in to pay... the downpour ensued! Regardless, the hay ride was still on tap for the day, and there was no way we were getting outta there without a hay ride. Luckily they were covered wagons which made the ride perfectly enjoyable. We got fresh juicy apples from the orachard to crunch on while we took our ride around the corn fields. Cooper loved his apple and Chase really 'soaked' up the scenery ;) I do love the holidays, and this is just the beginning!
Hope this finds you doing well. Enjoy the pics-